Sunday, August 23, 2015

Horror-Comedy 'Garden Party Massacre' - Coming in 2016

Some people are the DEATH of the party...

Horror-Comedy 'Garden Party Massacre'

We're throwing a killer party...and you're invited!

GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE is a wacky horror/comedy feature film in the vein (yuk, yuk) of "Shaun of the Dead" and "Tucker and Dale Vs. The Evil"! Award winning writer/director Gregory Blair ("Deadly Revisions") and a wickedly talented cast and crew will bleed to bring this hilarious mash up to life.

In GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE, a friendly backyard gathering goes awry when an uninvited guest shows up....with a pickaxe...and an attitude! Thus begins a screamingly funny, madcap romp as everyone acts crazier than a psycho killer in their half-baked plans to stop the body count. By the end of the party, even a zombie apocalypse is a laugh!

Watch the video below for a taste of the fun in store. Then, if you'd like to be a part of the madness, click here for options on how you can join the party and get some perks in exchange. Every contribution helps feed our actors, rent equipment and make the movie better. And it makes you feel sexy and fabulous!

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The team behind the wicked new comedy/horror film GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE has just announced a brand new game for fans to play in anticipation of the film. “Which GARDEN PARTY MASSACRE Character Are You?” lets people choose between personality traits, weapons and more to reveal the character from the film they are most like. The game is currently available via

“The film is all fun and games,” writer director Gregory Blair says, “And we wanted to let the fun go beyond the confines of the film. That’s why we have a fundraising campaign, because people enjoy those, and that’s why we came up with this game as well.” The game asks questions such as: “Are you a Leader or Team Player?”, “Do you Keep Calm or Scream Bloody Murder?”, “What Do You Bring to a Party?” and more. People may be surprised and amused at the results…and they’ll get to know a little more about the characters along the way. The fundraiser also aims to amuse and entertain: the campaign video is a comic parody, full of goofiness; the perks for contributing are just as fun--including t-shirts, posters and even a role in the film!