Friday, August 28, 2015

Upcoming Indie Sci-Fi/Horror Film 'The Quantum Terror' is Bringing Love, Madness and Tentacles

A twin sister lost. An underground maze. A nameless insanity from outside of time and space awaits.

The Quantum Terror

So, what is The Quantum Terror?

We're passionate about sci-fi/horror that involves crazy creatures with tentacles, teeth, claws, and off the wall concepts, that weave together in a good story. We have fun with these ideas, but take them very seriously, too. We aim to bring together some of the top independent film making talents residing in Austin, TX and beyond to demonstrate that (now more than ever) artistry over a big studio budget can make for excellent film making.

We plan on using practical effects, animation, miniatures, puppets, and minimalist sets, combined with intimate storytelling and good acting to create an alternate reality, inhabited by impossible creatures of madness. We've reverse engineered some big budget effects so that we can recreate them using cheaper materials, secured the perfect house location, and converted a garage into a mini sound stage. Combined with clever lighting and photography, we believe that you'll never be able to notice or tell that you're not watching a big budget Hollywood film.

The Story

Samantha Carol's twin sister Silvia has gone missing, without a trace. The only clues that Sam has to go on are notebooks filled with strange quantum physics equations combined with scribblings about the occult, that have been left behind. Silvia's ex-boyfriend and fellow college classmate claims he has seen her going into the nearby drainage tunnels that run under the town he lives in, however he himself is a suspect in her disappearance.

Accompanied by Sam's concerned ex-lover Lucy, with new boyfriend in tow, the now group of four go down into the tunnels where strange alien creatures and alterations of reality, will confront them with their deepest desires and darkest inner truths. Now, the question isn't just whether they will find Silvia or not, but if it's even possible for them to ever get out again.

Production Philosophy

We've been inspired by the successful production of other small, crowdfunded films that have come before us, such as StudioADI's Harbinger Down (directed by Alec Gillis) Tom Woodruff, Jr's Fire City, and Alan Moore & Mitch Jenkins' His Heavy Heart. It is our belief that it is the artists behind a film, and not huge amounts of money that bring quality to a production. A smart script and pre-planning through storyboards and concept design can make all the difference. That's why we think that for as little as our 2.5K pledge goal, we can make an indie film that doesn't feel like it was shot entirely in a parking lot. Of course more money will help, and that's why we have stretch goals, but we know that what we do with the money we earn will truly amaze you.

Upcoming Indie Sci-Fi/Horror Film 'The Quantum Terror' is Brining Love, Madness and Tentacles


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