Monday, October 26, 2015

Easter Sunday (2014) - Film Review - Northgate Pictures

The hunt is on...

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An evil spirit is resurrected in the form of a man in a bunny outfit with an axe at a bonfire 20 years after facing the local Sheriff to slaughter the innocent kids who brought him back to life before they send him back to hell for good.

"Easter Sunday" was written and directed by Jeremy Todd Morehead who also stars as Jeremiah. Playing the ill-fated Ryan Tate who becomes the evil Bunnyman is Jason Delgado who also served as a producer on the film. The movie features not one, but two famous actors familiar to horror fans. Robert Z'Dar (Maniac Cop) makes his final film appearance due to his untimely death, as Sheriff Arkin. "First Jason" Ari Lehman (Friday the 13th) appears as the mysterious Postman. The film also stars Jon McKoy, Travis Morton, Bryan Bohn, William L. Bozarth, and Edward X. Young (Mr. Hush).

 "Easter Sunday" features some very over the top acting, which I enjoyed but wish it had been able to maintain a consistent level throughout. It sounds odd to say this but the more by the books, traditional dramatic acting feels out of place among the other silly scenes. Let me be clear, I enjoyed the silly scenes as I thought it worked well with the story and overall tone of the film. A number of times I couldn't help but think that the movie had the feel of a Troma film, which is  a compliment.

The film contains a number of practical and special effects and while some may not look spectacular, I thought they worked fine in this film. Good news for gore fans, there are a number of beheadings and eye gouging scenes. None of the unfortunate victims get off too lightly in "Easter Sunday.' As simple as it might have been, I really liked the mask of the Bunnyman with its lighted eyes. The toxic looking green vomit was a nice, sickly addition as well. 

Indie horror and Troma fans, you should check this film out because I think you will enjoy it. "Easter Sunday" would work well with some beer and a group of friends. Please drink responsibly. I think it would help "enhance" the movie watching experience, although, when doesn't it? I almost forgot to mention, Friday the 13th fans should get a couple laughs at the scene near the end of the film with the Postman. 

RATING: [ 2.5 / 5 ]

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