Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hans Crippleton: Talk to the Hans coming to DVD in November

2001 Maniacs meets Tucker and Dale vs Evil in "Hans Crippleton : Talk to the Hans" - out this November!

Hans Crippleton DVD cover

A backwoods family of hillbillies, plagued with a mysterious zombie curse, are about to become stars thanks to Barnaby Hunt, the host of Horror Hunts in this “funny take on the zombie apocalypse” (Legless Corpse).

2001 Maniacs meets Tucker and Dale Vs Evil in Jimmy Lee Combs' “wonderfully offensive showcase of grotesquely kooky characters and inventive low-budget effects” (Rue Morgue).

The film was directed by JImmy Lee Combs and written by by Kevon Ward. "Hans Crippleton" stars Andy Hankins, Lyle DeRose (the upcoming The Magnificent Seven) and Emma Moody.

The film will be available November 17 everywhere from Uncork’d Entertainment.


Cass and Mark are a couple on a camping trip to the distant countryside. When their seemingly secluded getaway is interrupted by an ominous scream, they start to think someone might be stalking them, and encounter two strangers who are also in the woods near them. Despite everything appearing to be harmless, they can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong. The truth, however, is far more disturbing than meets the eye.

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