Thursday, October 29, 2015

P.O.V - Film Review - Continuum Motion Pictures

If you could see what I see

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Released by: Continuum Motion Pictures
Run time: 1:24:59
Director: Richard Anthony Dunford
Starring: Tom Clear, Karl Kennedy-Williams, Tuula Costelloe, Lewis Saunderson, Jamie Langlands, Sarah Harkins, Chloe Oram, Judson Vaughan, Stephanie Hazel, Gil Sutherland

After being dumped by his girlfriend Zack’s loose cannon of a big brother decides to throw him a house party in the abandoned retirement home he’s currently refurbishing. The building has a history. The previous owner believed the residents had become demons that were out to kill him. As the party gets into full swing Zack’s friends fall victim to the same curse.
If you could see what I see...

Karl Kennedy-Williams as Sam in P.O.V
"P.O.V" is as you probably have guessed, shot POV style. However in this horror film, the entire movie is from Zack's (Tom Clear) point of view. I am guessing that one of those Go Pro cameras were used to achieve this. It does seem to give what we see, a slightly unnatural appearance. Then again, we're not exactly used to watching films entirely from this perspective. The opening scene of "Halloween" is famous for its long POV shot. But it is very different when you are watching an entire film shot this way.

The film reminded me a little bit of "Night of the Demons" where the kids go to the house for a party and slowly become corrupted and taken over by demons. Zack's hellish nightmare begins with a quick image here and there, used effectively as mostly, double-takes. Personally, I thought the double-takes were great because they actually felt real. It was reminiscent of those odd moments where you think you spot something out of the corner of your eye, only to look and see nothing.

Tuula Costelloe as Lizzy in P.O.V
There were a few interesting characters in the film including Zack's brother Sam (Karl Kennedy-Williams) who is downright obnoxious at times and Lizzy (Tuula Costelloe) who starts to hang all over Zack the moment after she arrives.For a low budget indie horror film, it came off feeling like a better film than it should have been. Now, the low budget of the film is easy to see but still, you have to give credit where credit is due. The filmmakers seemed to have put the budget to good use. The actors in the film were pretty good for the most part. I did think that "P.O.V" took a bit long to get rolling. But once the action picks up, the pace speeds up and moves along nicely until toward the end where we learn what happened... or so we think. 

RATING: [ 2.5 / 5 ]

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