Monday, November 2, 2015

Dangerous People – Film Review

The 70’s will be the Death of Them.

Dangerous People cover

“Dangerous People” is a sleazy 70’s-style venture into a ludicrous scenario. Black comedy surrounds Zeus, an effeminate murderer, who gets his genitals bit off in the first 15 minutes of the film. The result is an irreverent, dark-retro, drug-culture boob-fest that is sure to offend uptight PC types. 

Dangerous People - Zeus
Zeus reflects on his manhood.
Dangerous People - Erica
Erica is a little tied up right now.
Zeus and Zolton have a bromance that has endured decades. Their hobby is killing on film and their art is well-honed until they meet Erica, a hot little number who throws a wrench into their sinister plans. After discussion of constipation remedies over drinks, it’s back to Zolton’s apartment with the plan of some “modeling shots.” The guys, who assured her they were gay earlier, get surly and Erica uses her teeth. 

The rest of the film is dedicated to the adventures surrounding sewing the penis back on, which surprisingly isn’t the high priority you would think it would be.
Director, Garo dressed as Zolton, shooting Ass Pony
Director, Garo dressed as Zolton, shooting Ass Pony.

Colorful characters like smarmy snuff distributor, Fernando Peters and his cronies, Ass Pony and Jigaboo Jones take up Zolton’s time with spontaneous masturbation and strong-arm tactics for his cooperation.

Meanwhile, a hallucinating Zeus tripping on LSD, begins to question his sexuality and masculinity, deciding that the rest of his male gear has to go as well. Amongst it all, there are graphically gonzo memories of past killings and psychedelic dance numbers.

Dangerous People still
Colorful bondage in nature.
Dangerous People still
Death of a hippie.
The star of this film is the script. Lines like “You just threw your penis against the wall. Don’t you see how ridiculous you’re being?” are delivered dryly so that the situation is absolutely hilarious. Peach filters and muted tones are used within the film to achieve a gritty sexploitation throw-back feel. Fairly realistic practical effects are used throughout sparingly. At times the blood seems a little bright, but the slices and dices look authentic. 

Sound quality is excellent and the soundtrack is amazing. The music is plentiful and really “far-out, man.”  Nudity is pretty much constant and sex scenes are gratuitous. It’s humorous that with all of this exposure one oral sex scene is blurred. It’s doubtful this film will ever achieve an R rating, and that’s OK. It’s a midnight movie that is sure to be a future cult classic in that same distasteful sense as “Pink Flamingos.”

Dangerous People still
Garo on set.

This film, which should have been available to the public already, was delayed first with a change of the lead actor after 75% of the film had been shot, and then with the hospitalization of Director, Garo Nigoghossian, for cancer treatment and surgery. Garo is now in full recovery and “Dangerous People” is once again his primary focus. He is already writing a follow-up with the intention of a trilogy.

Rating 4/5

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You can also view the film December 3-6, 2015 at the Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival. Don’t live near Florida? Rest assured this film will be seeking distribution and making the festival circuit in a town near you.