Saturday, March 5, 2016

It's Hunting Season in the Upcoming Indie Slasher 'Fox Trap' from Proportion Productions

It's Hunting Season in the Upcoming Indie Slasher "Fox Trap"

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FOX TRAP (2016)


After a terrible accident leaving a young girl disabled, eight years later the group responsible are invited to a remote manor house in the countryside for a class reunion. Little do they know, they are being targeted by a masked maniac hell bent on revenge.


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The cast includes Klariza Clayton ("Harry Brown," "Blood Money," "Skins"), Scott Chambers ("Chicken," "Blood Money," "The Hippopotamus"), Alex Sawyer (House of Anubis), Kate Greer, Becky Fletcher, Julia Eringer, Therica Wilson-Read, Richard Summers-Calvert and more.


Fox Trap still image

"Fox Trap" is Jamie Weston’s directorial feature debut and is currently in post production, having shot January 2016 on location in Somerset, United Kingdom.

Proportion Productions is a UK based feature film production company that hopes to make a modern wink at classic slashers such as "Curtains," "Black Christmas" (1974) and "House on Sorority Row."

There are a few interviews with some of the actresses from the film available on Proportion Productions Youtube Channel.

Fox Trap still image