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Bigfoot Horror 'Stomping Ground' Smashes its Way to DVD & VOD March 8th

Bigfoot horror "Stomping Gorund" to hit DVD & VOD on March 8th

DVD available for pre-order with signed poster on

Stomping Ground DVD cover

BRINKvision is proud to announce the March 8th DVD and Video-On-Demand release of Stomping Ground, an independent Bigfoot horror feature by writer/director Dan Riesser. Mike De Trana produced through Anvil Entertainment.

Stomping Ground is the story of Ben and Annie, a young couple on a weekend trip to Annie's small North Carolina hometown. At the local bar they run into Paul, a charming old friend of Annie's, and Ben learns something he never knew about his girlfriend: She believes in Bigfoot. In fact, she and her friends used to "hunt" for the creature when they were kids. Before Ben knows it, he's off on an impromptu Squatchin' trip deep in the Carolina backwoods. Amidst the Squatch calls, campfire stories and beers, Ben quickly realizes that Paul may have an ulterior motive in bringing Annie to the woods. And something else out here seems to be after her as well. Everyone but Ben thinks its Bigfoot. But it can't be, can it? After all, Bigfoot isn't real.

The film features a cameo performance from Theresa Tilly, best known as one of the original “Ladies of the Evil Dead” from Sam Raimi's horror classic, The Evil Dead. The film world premiered at the 2014 Dances With Films Festival in Hollywood, CA and received the “Soul of Southern Film Jury Award” at the 2014 Indie Memphis Film Festival. Filmmaker Dan Riesser, formerly an Emmy-nominated producer on E! Entertainment's The Soup with Joel McHale, wrote, directed and produced Stomping Ground as his first feature film.

Limited edition DVDs, which include an 11x17 poster signed by the cast and crew, can be pre-ordered directly from The film is also available on Amazon via the link below. It will be available digitally from Amazon Prime and Google Play on March 8th, with additional VOD outlets to follow. The film is available for Cinema-On-Demand screenings through

DVD Special Features

  • 11x17 Poster Autographed by Cast & Crew ( exclusive, limited to 100)
  • Audio Commentary by Writer-Director Dan Riesser and Stars John Bobek & Tarah DeSpain
  • Behind the Scenes Featurette
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Trailer

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'Entourage' Meets 'American Psycho' in 'Deadly Famous' from Indican Pictures

The pitfalls of Hollywood creates an American Psycho in the unnerving Deadly Famous, out this month from Indican Pictures.

Deadly Famous cover

Jackie Moore (Pernicious) joins Oscar Nominee Eric Roberts (The Human Centipede III) in Jim Lane & Eric Troop’s sexy and frightening hand grenade of spine-chilling suspense and intrigue.

Hiding under a mask of collected sanity, Alan is an aging actor with a serious serial killing hobby. His dark, reclusive world is blown open when a young, bubbly blonde moves in as a roommate. Her presence soon begins to further shake Alan’s already twisted psyche.

Jackie Moore, Eric Roberts, Tiffany Adams (TV’s C.S.I Cyber), Juliette Beavan (TV’s Gotham), and Daniel O’Meara (John Carter) star in "Deadly Famous," out this month on VOD from Indican Pictures!

Deadly Famous still image

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Uncork’d Entertainment invites you to experience 'A Haunting in Cawdor' this March!


Film hits cinemas around the country 3/11 - Day and Date VOD release

A Haunting in Cawdor cover

Saw’s Cary Elwes kicks off a roll call of hot faces including Shelby Young (TV’s American Horror Story), Michael Welch ("Twilight," TV's Z Nation), and Allie Deberry (Lazer Team) in a frightening twist on Shakespeare’s Macbeth that’s being called one of the “surprises of the year” (lalafilm).

In this tense tale of psychological terror, Vivian Miller (Shelby Young) is a young twenties woman who's serving out her jail sentence at a work release program in the Midwest. Her 90 days of probation takes her to The Cawdor Barn Theatre, a dilapidated summer stock theater run by Lawrence O'Neil (Cary Elwes). Lawrence, a failed Broadway director, is now reduced to staging amateur productions with young parolees and raging over the mistakes from his past. Vivian's arrival in Cawdor starts a terrifying series of events that brings Lawrence's secret past to the present. After Vivian views an old taped stage production of Macbeth, a force of evil is unleashed which soon turns its sights on her. With the help of Roddy (Michael Welch), a local outcast, Vivian sets about trying to discover who the supernatural killer on the tape is before she becomes the next victim.

Written and directed by Phil Wurtzel, "A Haunting in Cawdor" will hit theaters around the country and be available on Demand March 11.

A Haunting in Cawdor still image

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What Are You Prepared to Sacrifice in the First Trailer for 'Altar'?

Movies Heroes Sacrifices First Trailer for Altar

Matthew Sconce's Latest Feature to Premiere in 2016

Altar cover

Movie Heroes is excited to unleash the first trailer for Matthew Sconce's Altar. A group of old friends take a trip down memory lane in the Sierra Nevadas which ends in a bloody fight for survival.

Sconce (Stricken) directed from a script he penned. Stefanie Estes, Jesse Parr, Brittany Falardeau, Deep Rai, Ancilla deValmont and Tim Parrish star as the unfortunate group of former classmates.

"Directing Altar was a journey like no other I have experienced. I desired to make a scary movie where audiences would be kept guessing, care whether the characters lived or died, and recommend others see the movie. Packed with the best actors I have ever directed, thrills, chills, and twists, it turned out better than I ever imagined," Sconce shared.


Altar still image

Altar is the terrifying story of a group of college classmates who get lost driving to a reunion campout in the Sierra Nevada mountains. After stopping for the night, they stumble onto something darker and must escape the evil they've unleashed. Not only are their lives in danger, but their immortal souls as well.

Altar is expected to premiere in 2016.

James Schumacher, Tina Johnson, Nicole Spate and Nicole Osborne produced. Executive producers are Nick Soares, Orlando Gomez and Penny Sheran Park.

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'Blood For You: A Literary Tribute to GG Allin' & Exclusive Limited Edition Button

Blood for You: A Literary Tribute to GG Allin

Edited by MP Johnson and Sam Richard
First 200 orders include a 2.25" limited edition collector's button

Blood for You cover

Think GG Allin was extreme? You don't know the half of it.

GG Allin's exploits are legendary. The music, the shows, the violence, the bodily fluids. But GG Allin was confined to a world where he couldn't fulfill his potential. He punched and kicked at the boundaries, eager for something bigger, something crazier, something much more fucked up. But the real world refused to give him the adventures he needed.

Now, thanks to underground fiction's most talented scumfucs, GG is cast in a series of adventures that truly befit his outlaw spirit. In these pages, GG Allin is a secret agent, engaging in cult-smashing missions in exchange for dirty sex with George and Barbara Bush. He's a shit-eating, spaceship-piloting and time-traveling savior of humanity. He's an orisha, called upon to save prisoners from 'roid rage mutant guards. He's one half of a deepfried onion ring ouroboros with his soulmate John Wayne Gacy. He's thousands of clones living inside your giant robot body.

190 page 8.5" x 5.5" book edited by MP Johnson and Sam Richard. Published by WeirdPunk

All Aggronautix items are now available for purchase on
and will also be available at independent record stores, comic shops, tattoo parlors, etc via distribution by MVD Entertainment Group.

Pre-order now at

Follow Aggronautix on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

***For orders outside of the United States, please note that items will take longer to arrive (average of 3 weeks)***

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DEADWOOD's Larry Cedar in 'She Sings to the Stars', First Photos, Trailer and Release News

Deadwood’s Larry Cedar in the film you’ll be raving about by year’s end, 
"She Sings to the Stars"

She Sings to the Stars

“..You may find the images and the vision coming back to mind well after you've finished watching. Watch on the biggest screen you can get at: in this movie, the size of the night sky matters."

Sam Waterston, Actor (The Newsroom)

Premiering in New York at the Queens World Film Festival, March 19th.

Deadwood’s Larry Cedar “is amazing” (actor Sam Waterston) in Jennifer Corcoran’s She Sings to the Stars, premiering March 19 at New York’s Queens World Film Festival.

Without water, a Native American grandmother continues to inhabit the desert, both ancient and alien. Her half-Hispanic grandson rushes to 'make it big'. A faded magician finds himself lost at her doorstep.

Written and directed by Jennifer Corcoran and produced by Circeo Films, and starring Larry Cedar, Fannie Loretto, Larry Cedar and Jesus Mayorga, She Sings to the Stars was named Best Film at the Toronto Independent Film Festival and won Best Actor and Audience Award at the Vermont Film Festival.

Expected wide release late 2016.
Mabel is a Native American grandmother who lives alone, tending her drought-ravaged corn in the desert Southwest. Her half-Hispanic grandson, Third, dreams of making it big in LA, but his plans change dramatically when he comes to his grandmother’s house to collect traditional dolls he hopes to sell for a high price. Lyle is a down-at-the-heel magician from LA traveling with a white rabbit, the promise of a gig and a life-long dream to be able to magically disappear. When his radiator boils over, he is stranded outside Mabel’s house. Both men must yield to the timeless rhythm of Mabel and the expansive desert to discover a capacity greater than imagined.

For more information visit the film on Facebook, Twitter and the official website.

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The Spanish Exorcism Horror Film 'Asmodexia' is Coming to UK DVD this Easter from Sharp Teeth Films

Demonic possession spreads like a plague in a sinister, gothic road movie

Asmodexia DVD cover

From the disturbing opening scenes of a possessed mother giving birth, to the gruesome revelations in a grimy mental asylum, ASMODEXIA draws from occult classics THE EXORCIST, ROSEMARY’S BABYand Spanish horror franchise REC, but brings a dramatic new twist to the exorcism sub-genre.

Travelling exorcists battle dark forces in a macabre tale of horrifying possession, religious extremism and paranoia that builds to a shocking finale. Released on UK DVD on 28 March 2016, ASMODEXIA is yet another distinctive horror movie to emerge from the vibrant Spanish genre scene.

Asmodexia still image

An aging priest and his granddaughter Alba roam the darkest corners of Spain as travelling exorcists, violently exorcising children, mental patients and drug addicts of a malevolent infestation. They pass through desolate, sun-bleached landscapes and long-abandoned buildings, ridding the afflicted of this unholy epidemic while counting down the days to a mysterious resurrection.

Pursued by a shadowy cult with a sinister agenda, the duo discover that a mystery from Alba’s past may hold the key to salvation … or open the door to an unspeakable evil.

Asmodexia still image

Directed by: Marc Carreté
Screenplay by: Mike Hostench and Marc Carreté
Cast: Luís Marco, Clàudia Pons, Irene Montalà

DVD special features TBC

Be sure to check out Sharp Teeth Films on Facebook, Twitter as well as their official website

Asmodexia still image

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WildEye Releasing Offers Three Scoops of Fun with 'Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla' DVD & VOD News

WildEye Puts Delicious Death on the Menu for the US
Stuart Simpson's "Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla" Arrives in May

Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla DVD cover

WildEye Releasing imports a new flavor of horror this May with the domestic release of the acclaimed Aussie cult thriller Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla. The latest film from director Stuart Simpson follows an abused and obsessive ice cream truck driver as his life causes him to snap, with terrifying consequences for all.


Awkward, lonely ice cream truck driver Warren Thompson has two major problems: an unhealthy obsession with a soap opera actress, and a gang of bullies who like to savagely beat him on a regular basis. As Warren slowly slips out of reality and into a psychotic fantasy world to escape his miserable life, a darker, deadlier Warren emerges to deal with his problems and put an end to his tormentors.

"Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla" will deliver its treats to American audiences on DVD and VOD in May.

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American Horror Project Volume 1: Malatesta's Carnival of Blood (1973) - Blu-ray Review - Arrow Video

Arrow Video Unearths Three Films from the 70's for their

 "American Horror Project Volume 1"

American Horror Project Volume 1 Blu-ray cover

Released by: Arrow Video
Release Date: February 22, 2016 (UK) / February 23, 2016 (US)
Production Year: 1973
Region Code: ALL
Running Time: 1:14:16
Audio: English LPCM Mono
Video: 1080p (1.85:1 Aspect Ratio)
Subtitles: English SDH

Malatesta's Carnival of Blood screen shot

THE FILM - [ 2.5 / 5 ]:

Everyone knows the classic American horror titles: "Night of the Living Dead," "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "A Nightmare on Elm Street," to name but a few. But we want to tell you a different story - a story of the unsung heroes of American terror... Whether it's a film that has languished in obscurity, or a movie that's at risk of being lost due to lack of source materials, American Horror Project is here to ensure that these unique slices of the American Nightmare are brought back into the public consciousness and preserved for all to enjoy. Volume I of this series presents three tales of violence and madness from the 1970s. 

This review pertains to "Malatesta's Carnival of Blood" (Christopher Speeth, 1973) in which we see a family arrive at a creepy, dilapidated fairground in search of their missing son, only to find themselves at the mercy of cannibalistic ghouls lurking beneath the park.

I was not particularly fond of the film overall. The story was a bit lacking but what I did enjoy was the look of the film. I am a sucker for creepy amusement park type horror films. Amusement parks are a place where we are supposed to experience happiness and just have fun. So to me, the idea that that setting can be perverted in to something macabre and scary, interests me a great deal. Whether it is the possibly sinister workers, performers or something else altogether, I find it intriguing. While this film may not be on the level of  Tod Browning's "Freaks" or Tobe Hooper's "The Funhouse," this film still has something to offer in its interesting sets as well as some trippy, surreal dreamlike sequences. 

"Malatesta's Carnival of Blood" features some oddball characters as well it should. We even have a recognizable face and name with the late Herve Villechaize ("Forbidden Zone," "Fantasy Island"). As learned from the extras, the film was a low budget production and most of that was spent for the 35mm film. The lack of budget is evident in things like special effects that does not always feature realistically looking blood, sometimes looking like cheap paint. The film really was a mixed bag for me. There are times where I could feel bad for some of the characters but then in the next scene I might be laughing at their predicament.  

Malatesta's Carnival of Blood screen shot

AUDIO - [ 4 / 5 ]:

There is one audio option which is an English LPCM Mono track. English SDH subtitles are also included. The dialogue, score and sound effects on the Blu-ray sounded very good and well balanced. The films eerie music helps set the mood and make you feel like you too are sneaking about the sinister carnival, not knowing what might be lurking around the next turn. I did not experience any issues with the audio such as hissing or drop outs.

Malatesta's Carnival of Blood screen shot

VIDEO - [ 4 / 5 ]:

"Malatesta's Carnival of Blood" comes to Blu-ray as part of the "American Horror Project Volume 1" from Arrow Video. The film makes it Blu-ray debut in 1080p with a 1.85 Aspect Ratio via a new 2k restoration. The film overall looks quite good. This was my first time viewing the movie so I could not say how the film looked previously. There are some specks and scratches that appear and some instances of apparent fading. However there is a pleasing amount of detail present. Colors look good yet subdued. Skin tones and black levels look good also. For a relatively obscure film with a low budget, "Malatesta's Carnival of Blood" looks good considering that was shot over forty years ago.   

Malatesta's Carnival of Blood screen shot


Play with Introduction (3:41) - Author and Co-curator for American Horror Project, Stephen Thrower gives a brief introduction of the film. He talks about the films lack of home video releases as well as the relative obscurity of the film. Mr. Thrower even provides tips that could allow you to enjoy the film more than you otherwise might. I would have to agree with his suggestions since they would apply to myself while watching the film.

Audio Commentary with Richard Harland Smith - Straight away I will say that I believe I enjoyed this commentary track more than the film itself. It was highly informative in regards to members of the cast and crew as far as their careers and lives as well as the production of the film. For me it was it was interesting to learn that the film was shot at some locations about two hours from where I live. 

The Secrets of Malatesta (14:06) - An interview with director Christopher Speeth. A number of the cast and crew members from the film in addition to some of the shooting locations are discussed. Mr. Speeth also briefly talks about the films production and his career following the film.

Crimson Speak (11:49)  - An interview with writer Werner Liepolt. Mr. Liepolt talks about his vision for the film via his script and the early stages of the films production including how some of the actors were brought in to work on the film. He also talks about the audience reaction at a screening for the film. 

Malatesta's Underground (10:10) - Art directors Richard Stange and Alan Johnson discuss the weird world of Malatesta's underground. The sets and materials used to help bring the film to life are discussed. The lack of budget for the film and how it factored in to the making of the movie is also mentioned.

Outtakes (2:59)

Still Gallery

Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly-commissioned artwork by the Twins of Evil.

DVD - A DVD is also included

American Horror Project Journal Volume 1 - As part of the limited edition set, a 60-page booklet featuring new articles on the film from Kim Newman (Nightmare Movies), Kier-La Janisse (House of Psychotic Women) and Brian Albright (Regional Horror Films, 1958-1990).

Draft Script (BD/DVD-ROM content)

OVERALL RATING - [ 3.5 / 5 ]

Malatesta's Carnival of Blood screen shot

Malatesta's Carnival of Blood screen shot

Malatesta's Carnival of Blood screen shot

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Mutilator (1984) - Blu-ray Review - Arrow Video

Arrow Video Gives Fans of 80's Slashers Something to Cheer About With Their Top-Notch Quality and Extras Packed Blu-ray of 'The Mutilator'

The Mutilator cover

Released by: Arrow Video
Release Date: February 15, 2016 (UK) / February 16, 2016 (US)
Production Year: 1984
Region Code: ALL
Running Time: 1:26:20
Audio: English LPCM Mono
Video: 1080p (1.85:1 Aspect Ratio)
Subtitles: English SDH

The Mutilator Blu-ray screenshot

THE FILM - [ 3.5 / 5 ]:

Although the slasher film was in decline by the mid-1980's, there were still some grisly delights to be had… and they don’t come much grislier than writer-director Buddy Cooper’s sickening stalk-and-slash classic "The Mutilator!"

When Ed receives a message from his father asking him to go and lock up the family’s beach condo for the winter, it seems like the perfect excuse for an alcohol-fuelled few days away with his friends. After all, his dad has forgiven him for accidentally blowing mom away with a shotgun several years ago… hasn’t he? But no sooner are the teens on the island than they find themselves stalked by a figure with an axe (and a hook, and an onboard motor) to grind…

Originally entitled "Fall Break" (watch out for the incongruous theme song of the same name!), "The Mutilator" has earned a reputation among horror fans as one of the ‘holy grails’ of 80's splatter mayhem due to its highly inventive (and not to say, decidedly gruesome) kill sequences, courtesy of FX wizard Mark Shostrom ("Videodrome," "Evil Dead II"). Finally making its long-awaited bow in High-Definition, "The Mutilator" has returned to terrorize a whole new generation of horror fans!

Fans of "The Mutilator" (myself included) have been waiting a long time to see the film receive a proper release that also had improved picture quality. For years it was said that the original elements were lost and basically our hope was lost along with it. When word came that Arrow Video wanted to bring the film out on to Blu-ray it was a bit of a head-scratcher since the elements were lost right? Well, let's get to the point and good news. It turns out that the Library of Congress (yes, you read that correctly) had in their possession, a pristine uncut 35mm print of the film. So after several delays, which of course angered some fans, news broke that a date for the Blu-ray and DVD combo pack was set and we would finally get to see the fruits of their labor. I can easily and honestly say you won't be disappointed. At least you shouldn't be. As fans of the film, we have gone from having no glimmer of hope to being able to own the absolute definitive release of "The Mutilator" and while it may not be the most anticipated or celebrated release of 2016, it should at least be near the top of many "Best of" lists.

"The Mutilator" features some likable characters (Bill Hitchcock as Ralph being my favorite) and some very good practical gore effects. The film is part of my favorite horror sub-genre as well as my favorite era, 80's slashers. I can watch them numerous times and they just never get old. Any time one of them comes to high definition it is very exciting to see how good the film looks. Sure, the sound and extras are great to have as well but that picture quality is king because we want to see how the death scenes look now. With 80's slashers, the main selling point was either the killer or the kills. So if the film(s) didn't have an iconic killer, we at least wanted to see some great looking and entertaining death scenes. "The Mutilator" may not have an iconic killer but it does have some good death scenes and with Arrow Video's amazing looking 2k restoration of the uncut version of the film, those scenes look better than ever before.

"The Mutilator" has one of my favorite theme songs in horror films. Sure it might be a bit too upbeat for most typical horror films, but the tune is catchy and lighthearted. To me it sort of sets the mood for the kids at the start of the film. They're off to have a productive weekend yet still have some fun at the same time. It's too bad that someone has some diabolical plans in store for them. Their few days of fun and good times at the beach is about to become a terrifying nightmare. 

The Mutilator Blu-ray screenshot

AUDIO - [ 4.5 / 5 ]:

The only audio option available on this release is an English LPCM Mono track. The mono track sounds terrific. Dialogue was clear. The score and most notably the theme song sounded great. Whether it's an axe, machete or other weapon, the sound effects all seemed to be spot on while ripping or rending the flesh of the victims. I didn't hear any problems with the audio. English SDH subtitles are also included.

The Mutilator Blu-ray screenshot

VIDEO - [ 4.5 / 5 ]:

"The Mutilator" slashes its way on to Blu-ray thanks to a new 2k restoration by Arrow Video. The film is presented in 1080p with a 1.85 Aspect Ratio. I talked about the effort Arrow Video put in to securing the best source available for this Blu-ray release earlier in this review. The film looks amazing compared to any previous home video release of the film. The colors in the film look strong and robust for the most part. There are some scenes in the film where they look a little flat or faded but that it probably the way the film looked when it was filmed. Surprising there is a fair amount of detail visible in the film with close-ups looking even better. There is a fair amount of grain present and as you might expect, it is heavier in darker scenes which makes up most of the later portion of the film. Not only is it nice to be able to see the film with better clarity, it is great being able to get a better look at the gore during the death scenes. With this being the uncut version of the film, it makes this Blu-ray even more enjoyable. A few white specks pop up from time to time but it is never distracting. I did not notice any issues with the video portion of the Blu-ray.

The Mutilator Blu-ray screenshot


Play with Introduction (1:08) - When you play the film there is an option to play with film with an introduction by director Buddy Cooper and make-up artist Ed Ferrell.

Audio Commentary with Cast and Crew - This commentary is moderated by Ewan Cant of Arrow Video and includes director Buddy Cooper, co-director John Douglass, actor Matt Mitler and make-up effects artist Ed Ferrell. The participants did a fairly good job of sharing personal anecdotes from the production of the film. They also discuss how various cast members got along, special effects for death scenes and a number of other subjects. There are some fun and jokingly discussed matters like why certain characters were surely going to die due to them being promiscuous.   

Audio Commentary with Buddy Cooper and Ruth Martinez - This commentary is also moderated by Ewan Cant of Arrow Video and features director Buddy Cooper and actress Ruth Martinez Tutterow. The participants for this commentary aren't as talkative and Ewan Cant poses more questions this time around to keep the conversation going. However, it is still worth listening to since some different information from the other commentary is shared. Plus it was nice to hear Miss Tutterow share some stories from the set. Mr. Cooper talks a bit more about the theme song for the film and other topics such as talking with New Line about the film. 

Fall Breakers (1:15:01) - A feature-length documentary on the making of "The Mutilator" featuring interviews with writer-director-producer Buddy Cooper, co-director John Douglass, stars Matt Mitler, Ruth Martinez Tutterow and other key cast and crew members. All interviews were conducted at the Oceanana Motel in Atlantic Beach, North Caroline during June-August 2015. This documentary does repeat a little information from the commentary tracks but there is much more to take in with this in-depth feature. It was nice to hear from the actors in the film as well as hearing that several cast and crew members would be game for a sequel. 

Mutilator Memories (15:57) - Special make-up effects artist Mark Shostrom ("Evil Dead II," "To All A Goodnight") looks back at one of his earliest film projects in this brand new interview, filmed in LA in October 2015. He talks about the original plan of how to dispose of the killer, the infamous "gaff hook" scene and more. 

Tunes for the Dunes (8:13) - Composer Michael Minard on the creation of the film's unique score. Mr. Minard discusses the origin of the film's theme song and how it ended up having a different tempo than Buddy Cooper had wanted. 

Screen Tests (13:03) A couple humorous and serious screen tests with Matt Mitler, Ruth Martinez Tutterow, Ben Moore and more.

Opening Scene Storyboards (4:27)

Trailers & TV Spots - Five trailers and TV spots and two radio spots are included.

Alternate Opening Titles (4:32) - Here we get to see "The Mutilator" title card for the film.

Music (3:30 each) - There are two options given for the "Fall Break" song, with and without lyrics.

Gallery (8:49) - Behind the scenes photos from the film are accompanied by the theme song.

Easter Egg #1 (3:23) - I came across this by highlighting Music in Special Features and then pressing the Right Arrow on my remote. Buddy Cooper and Ed Ferrell briefly talk about their experience attending a film premiere and an after-party at Studio 54.

Easter Egg #2 (4:16) - I found this by highlighting Gallery in Special Features and then pressing the Right Arrow on my remote. Ruth Martinez Tutterlow shows us her original shooting script for the film. She also reads from the script and shares some notes from cast and crew members.

Reversible sleeve featuring two versions of original artwork.

Fully-illustrated collector's booklet featuring new writing on the film alongside archive articles from Fangoria magazine.

The Mutilator Blu-ray screenshot


Arrow Video has given fans of "The Mutilator" the definitive home video release of the film in the form of this uncut, 2k restored Blu-ray release of the film. It has never looked better and the disc is packed with a plethora of extras. I may be a little biased since I am a fan of the film, but if you are a slasher fan, I cannot recommend this Blu-ray and DVD combo pack from Arrow Video enough. The film has been rescued from oblivion and this release is simply incredible. Thanks to Arrow Video for putting it all together and MVD Entertainment Group for U.S. distribution. 

OVERALL RATING - [ 4.5 / 5 ]

The Mutilator Blu-ray screenshot

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